Monday, September 8, 2008

Technology is NOT my friend today!!!

ok long week again... very active.. I will let you know there is no video today cause I am at the district fighting for Kyra's services at school... the lady I'm supposed to talk to is in a meeting and I'm waiting for her to get out I'm not gonna wait around for a phone call I might get next week my child needs her services NOW!!!

ok so Saturday before last kyra went out to play at around 9 ish and came in the house around noon for lunch when she returned she had chicken pox all down her chest and back!! I rushed her to kids care (like urgent care for kids) and yep sure was...i was like what the heck?? she got the vaccine!! apparently 5% of kids with the vaccine will get chicken pox. upside is it wasn't a terrible bad case but enough to keep her out of school!!! so I called a friend of mine to talk about it and she was in distress of her own kind....

I was very hard to handle at times and she needed me... so I told her since Kyra couldn't go to school anyway I'd be down on a few hours to help her through. we had a court mediation anyway that week that I had to be in cedar for.

*edit* Im home now so I have made a video of the weeks events ...

I am apologizing ahead of time my editing software was being wierd so i couldnt edit how I like to ..

enjoy :)

Mary Ellen

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