Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Gawkers...

Ok at my Gym I have noticed we have some "gawkers" ...
You know who I'm talking about .. the old man wearing Jeans sitting on a weight lifting machine he CLEARLY hasn't touched so that he can DROOL at the little skinny girls in their tight workout outfits... The mid 30's guy that looks like a 40 year old virgin in the making. It's really quite funny!! I love watching the men watch the women.. LOL :P
Is it narcissistic of me to be offended that none of the gawkers have gawked me ?? LOL :P heck at least I have BOOBS that are REAL.. :P is it too much to ask to have a guy do a second take of me??
Granted I am MUCH larger than the average "work out girl" but well anyway.. I think im over this rant..
Since I'm talking about my workout success...
I am still going every day :) (Saturday and Sunday I don't go though cause I have Kyra) I weighed myself I am 298.7 .. so I Guess I lost 2 lbs... well considering my phone probably weighs at least a half pound right??
Today at the Cardio Cinema they had Jumanji, i love that movie .. i got all into it.. made me forge ti was working out.. I was on the Elliptical for 30 mins (2 miles) and then walked on the treadmill for 20 mins. I would have kept going but my phone alarm went off cause I had a meeting this morning I forgot about. (and I missed it... CRAP)

anyhoo sorry my blog is kinda random rambling but I really wanted to give you all something to read about today :)

I spent a large portion of yesterday updating a few things on my blog, you can now click on the line above the blog to add me to your browsers favorites list so you can easier come back and see me ;)
you can also add my banner to your website, blog, my-space page etc etc.. if you scroll down on the right it is down there .. tell your friends about me ;)

I need to get working on a presentation I must make about myself for school due on friday :) so Im gonna go get to working on that ..
thanks for reading today :)
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orangemily said...

A cardio gym? I could get in to that, I never knew there was such a thing!

MamaMaryEllensBlog said...

its Cardio Cinema.. you go in a big theater and instead of seats its cardio equipment :)
you'll have to come with me sometime :)