Saturday, September 13, 2008

Friends? What makes a true friend?

I have had about 10 "real friends" in my life...

I feel a true friend is a person who looks out for your needs and your concerns, and in turn I look out for their needs and their concerns. It is so hard to find a friend who can do that!!

I can name 3 people in my life currently that do that for me...

Shawn Luther

Christi Giles

Stacey Gwin...

These three have stuck with me and are there for me no matter what and they know they can do the same and I will be there for them 150 million percent!!!

This blog has been inspired by Stacey, I meet her 3 years ago in the midst of my divorce to my husband and she has been the most gracious wonderful friend!! She helped me through some hard times, I helped her through some hard times. Its give and take... heres the back story of what inspires me to write this... Her father was on the Island that Ike hit only hour before it hit. Her poor father's car had broken down and it took a miracle from God to fix and she told me the troopers said that had he waited another 10 minutes he wouldn't have been able to pass the bridge and he would have been trapped!!!
She was distraught and upset and I was so honored for her to call ME to vent!! I feel it such a privilege to have my friends trust me so much that they call when they need a shoulder to cry on and someone to find the bright side... I love her and her husband very much and value their friendship beyond comprehension!!

I recently lost a great friend, for those that watch my blog know who I mean, I lost her to a very hard challenge. She called me yesterday and said some hurtful things, it made me sad knowing our friendship was worth what it was!! and to be thrown out like lost garbage... Her friendship being lost is what hurts the most... I have thought about what it means to be a friend... I V-loged it.. I think it means more with the emotion behind it!!

do you agree or disagree with my list??

Ok please post your comments!!!


Mary ellen
OK kids I'm off to the Utah state fair.. I will do a vlog there and post it when I get home!!

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orangemily said...

Oooh I can't wait to hear about your trip to the fair!