Saturday, September 20, 2008

Working out?!?!?! IM 300LBS!!!

OK guys I have has some encouragement laity and can come back to the gym to work out!! so all week i have been re familiarizing myself with the Gym..

I have a membership at Golds and literally its a half block turn and another block.. beyond walking distance to get myself going!! So all this week Ive been taking Kyra to school then going to the gym for an hour or so.. I have been enjoying the different features this gym has over the one in Cedar city!!
First off it is color coded for the idiots!! LOL ;P green is leg machines abs are orange etc etc... I do so enjoy that!! Also they have "cardio cinema" .. there are 2 rooms with about 4 rows of cardio machines (treadmills elliptical bikes)and they are playing a movie while you workout!! so nice!! I have to use the elliptical because of my foot, but I walk a mile on the treadmill.

So this is my routine at the gym...
Cardio Cinema ; Elliptical (15 min mile - 1 mile) then treadmill (15 min mile- 1/2 mile to 1 mile depending on how my knee/ ankle feels)
Weights ... I switch back and fourth on the weighs from arms/abs.. to legs ...

Ive even been eating this all nutritious food and everything.. 1 egg 2 egg whites, canadian bacon (did you know its only 60 calories!! WOW and not alot of fat either!! but mucho proteins!!) I even cleaned cut and prepped a bunch of veggies to keep on hand for snacks which have been cutting my binge lazy eating :)

Anyhoo.. When i started a week ago I was 299.4... Depressingly I re-weighed myself yesterday Im 300.7 Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh that sucks I have been working this hard to ADD weight..
Yeah yeah yeah.. muscle burns more fat .. blah blah blah...
still the POUNDAGE is annoying...

I have however noticed my pants fitting better :) woo hoo for that :P

Again My cam is still being weird im hoping to get another video up for you all soon enough :0 thanks again for being such loyal readers / viewers :)