Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Monday, May 4, 2009

Wicked's gone :(

OK so Yesterday was such a sad day for me :( boo hoo.. I have certainly enjoyed wicked here and I'm busily creating my videos of all the footage i took of their time here in utah :)
I had many fun times, Exciting times and unexpected times with them traveling through Utah :) I would have to say I have 2 highlights .. when the day before I went to the temple (see my temple blog) My mother Kyra and I went and put our names in for the drawing AKA lotto for the show and Kyra won and I won , So out of 400-500 + people that were there hoping for tickets and only 10 names drawn we got 4 tickets :) WOW I was so happy and excited!!
My mother was convinced it was because we were extracting names for the temple while waiting in line.. in convinced it was because the following morning I went through the temple for the first time :) Either way Heavenly Father helped me get those tickets that day!

Then My second Highlight was when I got to hang out with the wicked cast at Merideth Kaye Clarke's after show show at a club in Salt Lake. there were few people there , me and the cast of wicked and a few others . It was FABULOUSLY FUN!!

Anyhoo I will get all these videos up soon :)



Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Wicked comes to Salt Lake... and I'm a part of it!

So as many of you all know I'm one of the biggest wicked fans EVER... Certainly the biggest wicked fan in Utah.. Proven by the fact that Kyra and I went down to the capitol theater today and watched the crew unload the wicked trucks :)

As we were getting ready to head downtown Carol Makita of channel 5 news asked to interview me for the news to do a story on Kyra and my passion (some say obsession) with Wicked :) SO i told her we were heading down to try to catch a glimpse of some Set items... We got some Pictures and video... so enjoy :)

I will be adding a couple more videos in the upcoming days :)
Woo hooo :)


Monday, March 9, 2009

Geocaching is SOO much fun!! Starter kits!!!

This blog has all the tools me and my daughter use when we go geocaching...

Our GEOCACHE BAG we have :
A backpack
Garmin GPS (any GPS will do :) )
Pens Pencils
A receiving box
A taken box
Easter eggs to keep my caches dry (not necessary)
Cache to leave (I am using stickers right now)
Garden gloves to lift rocks

Above all.. have fun hunting!!

Depending on where you go will depend on how long it will take you to find your cache,
Kyra and I did 6 caches in about an hour this weekend..

**Geo-caching RULES**

1: Don't take from the box/container unless you place something in... and sign the log
2: Don't MOVE the cache, put it right back where you found it, recover as you found it previously
*ex. you find your cache under a rock... put it back under the rock
3: Log it online; go back to and log your trip to that site, if you take a Travel bug make sure you let the travel bug owner know!! instructions online at
3: DO have fun...

1: I like to leave fun things for kids cause I know many families that do it as a group.
2: Wear good shoes and clothes... you may get dirty (yeah!)
3: there are Micro caches- small tiny tubes 1-2 inches long up to mega caches Large boxes... try to know which you are looking for!

Again have FUN!!!

If you'd like to Cache with me please let me know I live in Northern Utah and would like some good caching buddies!!


Thursday, February 5, 2009

New Semester, New Job, Kyra's baptism

Kyra gets baptized :) yeah :)

I am so sad i am leaving passion parties!!
I really loved the time I had with the company.. in my parties I tended to focus more on the education and it is one of the reasons why I am in school and learning what I am. I love teaching and helping couple but having passion parties is a conflict of interest in Marriage and family therapy. So to avoid conflicts with Licensing I have chosen to leave.. I'm so sad.. however i know things are moving for me now!
I have joined Pampered Chef to take the place of my passion parties. it is something fun that i can do with my daughter and she can help me measure and cook. One of the things we love to do at home as well. So were gonna take the show on the road :) yeah :)

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas at moms... well 4 days later LOL :P

So I couldn't make it up to my mom's for Christmas so now that the weather had cleared up i headed down to cedar to see her and have a Quasi Christmas yesterday :)
It was fun, we opened presents and had a feast of snacks ranging from low cal veggi tray, oven baked chicken poppers, baked sweet potato fries to deviled eggs, Sausage meat poppers, and M&M's LOL :P yeah it was kinda fatning.. i think i may have gained back 10 of the 20 lbs I have lost!!!

Speaking of loosing weight I am getting down thanks to my Wii Fit :) and eating like HALF of what I used to :) I am down 20 lbs.. since the beginning of dec. I didn't even fit in 26's very well it was a tight squeeze.. but now I can fit in my 24's again Yeahhhhhh ... so Im proud of myself!!!

back to yesterday's story... my sister and I and our kids went and had lunch, went to go see Bedtime stories .. FUNNY MOVIE!! kind of a chic flick ending though LOL haha.. then we went sledding... it was dangerous that's all I'm saying... haha ... then we came home made our little feast then played "7 card no peeky poker" it was an interesting game to learn to play.. but fun I was the first to loose all their money and my sister cleaned up!!


Kyra's Baptism is on saturday so we are really excited about that.. Ill take some pictures after and post them :)


Mary Ellen

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

let it snow!! let it snow!! let it snow!!!!

OK so its snowing like crazy outside so i wont be making it to my mommy's for Christmas .. SO SAD...
so I'm staying home and enjoying the snow.. Kyra and I will likely be going sledding soon and I think we've watched every Christmas movie available in our in home snow shed LOL :P
2 days till the big day kids :P woo hoo