Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas at moms... well 4 days later LOL :P

So I couldn't make it up to my mom's for Christmas so now that the weather had cleared up i headed down to cedar to see her and have a Quasi Christmas yesterday :)
It was fun, we opened presents and had a feast of snacks ranging from low cal veggi tray, oven baked chicken poppers, baked sweet potato fries to deviled eggs, Sausage meat poppers, and M&M's LOL :P yeah it was kinda fatning.. i think i may have gained back 10 of the 20 lbs I have lost!!!

Speaking of loosing weight I am getting down thanks to my Wii Fit :) and eating like HALF of what I used to :) I am down 20 lbs.. since the beginning of dec. I didn't even fit in 26's very well it was a tight squeeze.. but now I can fit in my 24's again Yeahhhhhh ... so Im proud of myself!!!

back to yesterday's story... my sister and I and our kids went and had lunch, went to go see Bedtime stories .. FUNNY MOVIE!! kind of a chic flick ending though LOL haha.. then we went sledding... it was dangerous that's all I'm saying... haha ... then we came home made our little feast then played "7 card no peeky poker" it was an interesting game to learn to play.. but fun I was the first to loose all their money and my sister cleaned up!!


Kyra's Baptism is on saturday so we are really excited about that.. Ill take some pictures after and post them :)


Mary Ellen

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orangemily said...

Happy Holidays!
Way to go on the Wii Fit! My husband has lost 30 pounds doing that, I need to get going on it.