Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Wicked comes to Salt Lake... and I'm a part of it!

So as many of you all know I'm one of the biggest wicked fans EVER... Certainly the biggest wicked fan in Utah.. Proven by the fact that Kyra and I went down to the capitol theater today and watched the crew unload the wicked trucks :)

As we were getting ready to head downtown Carol Makita of channel 5 news asked to interview me for the news to do a story on Kyra and my passion (some say obsession) with Wicked :) SO i told her we were heading down to try to catch a glimpse of some Set items... We got some Pictures and video... so enjoy :)

I will be adding a couple more videos in the upcoming days :)
Woo hooo :)


1 comment:

orangemily said...

So exciting!
I love that news clip you guys hae awesome witch laughing!