Monday, March 9, 2009

Geocaching is SOO much fun!! Starter kits!!!

This blog has all the tools me and my daughter use when we go geocaching...

Our GEOCACHE BAG we have :
A backpack
Garmin GPS (any GPS will do :) )
Pens Pencils
A receiving box
A taken box
Easter eggs to keep my caches dry (not necessary)
Cache to leave (I am using stickers right now)
Garden gloves to lift rocks

Above all.. have fun hunting!!

Depending on where you go will depend on how long it will take you to find your cache,
Kyra and I did 6 caches in about an hour this weekend..

**Geo-caching RULES**

1: Don't take from the box/container unless you place something in... and sign the log
2: Don't MOVE the cache, put it right back where you found it, recover as you found it previously
*ex. you find your cache under a rock... put it back under the rock
3: Log it online; go back to and log your trip to that site, if you take a Travel bug make sure you let the travel bug owner know!! instructions online at
3: DO have fun...

1: I like to leave fun things for kids cause I know many families that do it as a group.
2: Wear good shoes and clothes... you may get dirty (yeah!)
3: there are Micro caches- small tiny tubes 1-2 inches long up to mega caches Large boxes... try to know which you are looking for!

Again have FUN!!!

If you'd like to Cache with me please let me know I live in Northern Utah and would like some good caching buddies!!


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orangemily said...

I've heard a lot about geocaching, but I've never been. It sounds fun!