Wednesday, September 17, 2008

No More Time Outs

Hey everyone I am so very Excited.

As many of you know I have been using a new discipline/ reward system For Kyra. I have created I am now calling "No More Time Outs"

Many other parenting programs I have read about/ used are so single focused' and lose vital parts and elements that I feel need to be there...

Time outs don't teach anything... oh wait it teaches them to sit and pout...

Sentences don't teach anything... Oh wait teaches them to Write... IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII in a single like with crosses LOL :P I so cheated by doing that as a kid!!

Being sent to their room when they have a computer, Ipod, PS3 etc.. is NOT punishment.. it just gets them out of your hair!!

and my "favorite" (pet peeve) parenting "skill" is smack their kids to teach them not to hit!! **insert eye roll here**

The problem here is that the kids don't know what to expect by thier parents, and give no true "natural consequence" ... No More Time Outs teaches many values and REQUIRES parent to take an active role in parenting, and the child an ACTIVE role in their life creating great self esteem and pride in their points!!!
I have been using No More Time Outs with my daughter and its been working WONDERFULLY!!!
I have had a handful of people ask to help with their children and to give them my program.. SO I got to thinking ... this would be an amazing program to publish so I visited my Campus President about my program and he is VERY excited to be an adviser to the program and get it up and running for me and more importantly for parents that will need it!! and get it Copyrighted and PUBLISHED!!

I don't want to reveal all of the elements of the program because we are going to try to get it copyrighted and until I do that someone can steal it .. but as preview to the program is that it is a token ecomomy that gives benefit to self accountability to household and personal duties, and gives benefit to self, family, friends and even monetary values... and even behavioral management.
Its very exciting and I am extremely pleased that there is such interest in the program!!!

******happy dance*****

For more information on No More Time Outs Please visit my Website the Phrase "No More Time Outs" is in the process of being copyrighted please don't steal it.

No video today because of the Problems with my program... I am going to try to get it fixed ASAP

Mary Ellen