Monday, September 22, 2008

Get RID of the ARMS instead of bailing the banks!!

Im gonna go political here.. ya'll know I am political, but I honor other peoples opinions so I generally dont discuss it.

What is the government thinking Keeping on bailing out all of the companies???
Coudlnt they BAN ARMS ****and**** FORCE the banks to convert all ARM loans into regular loans??? this would save SO MANY people from losing thier houses! and keep our contry from going AS FAR in the shitter as possible!!!

The problem thats going on right now is that when People got arms they were told hey in 2-3 years when your arm mature refinance and you'll be fine.. well noone can GET a loan right now!! .. Like NO ONE I know can get a loan.... My mother who is 64 and has her house and 2 other houses (investment houses) cannot get a refinance loan and she's gonna be SCREWED... along with the other MILLIONS of people in a similar situation!!

SO I think Im gonna take a stand... and start a petition on my face book and PLEASE PLEASE join.. if enough people Join they cannot ignore the demand right??

I have written the petiotion it is just getting OK'd by the website that clears it... I will post it as soon as it is ready :) (probably later today)

Kisses and huggs

Mary Ellen

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