Friday, August 29, 2008 ...WTF??? I crack half way through... stay tuned!!!

OK so I start off this blog singing.. Ok after listening to Natalie Weiss, and Shoshana Bean online I'm like DAMN I stink.. but hey I must be SOMEWHAT good if people ask me to sing right? Im sure they didnt get thier music down in one day right ?

then I talk abut my brother going to China, {plug adams website here} ... Oh wait I need to plug his blog website.. it is ... then I talk about my father situation, go off on my sister.. and umm yeah end really pissed off... After you watch it you might be saying to yourself.. dang Mary HATES her dad, i don't HATE him.. I am very frustrated with him, and bothered by his behavior.. but yes.. at a point in this very video I CRACK!! Like loose my mind for like 3.6 seconds ... I hope you enjoy that part :P


Mary Ellen

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