Thursday, August 7, 2008

Wild Mouse rumors... Did someone die?

OK so we have an amazing amuzement park here in utah I have been going to since um.. birth... called lagoon. they have a ride called the wild mouse, as a child everyone said that someone has died on there blah blah blah .. so like rumors go.. i said it too.. wiout proof.. well I did some research and its actually totally false.. I have not let Kyra go on wild mouse since we moved here because of that so we went on for the first time and I was crying like a baby that got beat up!! hahah I'm sure it was all to funny for the 2 teens in front of us though LOL ..

Anyhoo .. i met a guy ..Arnold is this ones name.. he's great well educated and has alot in common with me.. loves politics .. like me.. and we have the same opinions on almost everything political.. which is a huge turn on!! wierd I know .. but its true LOL :P

so any way enjoy the video for today :)


(yes I know again this one is late Im sorrry.. Im posting one for today too ... )

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