Thursday, November 29, 2007

I should be feeling happy....

OK so I should be feeling happy right now but IM not....

First off I TOTALLY enjoyed my sister being here!! she was really great and we talked quite a bit in some extreme detail of some events that explain alot in my life.... especially why my father hates me (candice shut up, you know he treats me differently!!) I have already done the therapy thing, and got over my father issues, heck I even have within the past year began to mend me and my father relationship (see I gave him credit) but now with this new information I am disturbed, grateful, and sad all in one... disturbed for what occured the night I was born, Grateful that I finally know the true truth, and sad because it wasted so much time of hate between my sister, my father and I .... but I do feel it puts certain things to rest for me, which makes me at piece... I think I can see the perspective of all parties and know my position on them all ...

ON a happier note.. I MOVED BACK TO MY HOME APT!!! YEAHHhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

Im so happy to be back ! I moved on monday and have been hurriedly putting things away to get back to normal... I did notice when I moved i got rid of ALOT OF STUFF!!! so in retrospect it was a blessing to get rid of junk I dont need!! and I have a fresh apartment ... see Im looking at the positive :)

I still dont have my fridge moved back yet though (It should be moved tomorrow) I have the hall pantry, bathroom, and some of the kitchen, some dining room and most of the living room put back together!! only my room and Kyra's to go.. and a few more boxs in the other rooms!! soo yeah my life is coming back to normal!! I just better not get all settled and have to move!! LOL

Business has been doing GREAT :) I have tons of parties booked and all of the parties so far have been really successful, and my team are doing great this month, they have more than $6000 In sales!!! GOOD JOB GIRLS!!!

This weekend Im gonna be going to the city lights parade in cedar :) tradition around unless its snowing!!

and then We'll be going to the forgotten carols :)

if you haven't seen or heard it its FABULOUS!!

I gotta get to bed, I am glad I have been trying to keep my promise of posting a blog a week (I was trying to do it daily)


LOve ya'll


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