Sunday, November 11, 2007


OK so I havent posted laitly and I feel I need to!

first off I woke up htis morning and Ihave NO VOICE! Ahhhh

Its driving me nuts... as many of you know im a TALKER!... and having no form of communication KILLS ME!! it is very funny to kyra cause I have tried to yell at her this morning and she laughed at me cause I sound like a mouse squeeek squeeek squeeking !! hahah

I had a killer party last night and I needed to follow up with a couple customers and I strained so much that I can feel PAIN in my lungs!! Ahhhhhh OK Ill get off this toppic now LOL

OK solife has been sucking for me laitly.. Ill start at the beginning

No more working at walmart.. im a jobless looser

I am a Grad school reject... what do I do NOW?

I cant pass the social worker test... frustrating!

I get home from a job interview in salt lake and my apartment gets flooded so i had to move out of my apartment for a month or so (might be back this next weekend though :) yeahh.. however I gotta move all my crap AGAIN...*sigh* )

Im feeling a change.....

My biz has been picking up which is great im part because of the great biz I got from the What women want expo.. :) yeahh ....
THEN I had a party on wed that seriously WOW... Ok so I show Up I do the party . it was decently good sales.. but then IM packing up and these ladies are having a spiritual conversation (which normally gives me the "oh jesus *roll-eye*" feeling.. but this was different.. so I listened engaged myself and we sat and talked for HOURS!! then one of the ladies had me take this CD set which is based off a book GO GET IT!! Dr. Wayne W. Dyer "Inspiration your ultimate Calling"

Now ya'll know Im not a churchy churchy girl.... Im usually quite the opposite.. but this is increadible! I seriously sobbed my whole way home listening to it!! Amazing!!
I feel more spiritual at this very moment than I have in a LONG LONG lONG time!!


OK so theres my update

Ill try to keep you posted!

(ohh and the V-blogs should get started soon.. were gettinga new computer that will have a camera built in so I hope it works well for it)



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