Friday, November 2, 2007

MOVING AGAIN ok well back...

OK so Im keeping my promise to blog so here it goes:)

Well first Im soooooo happy Im gonna be able to move to my old APT this weekend YEAH!!*happy dance* .... I love being in my little corner space .. I cant wait to be back home again :)

Also I have another interview with Workforce services to be an eligibility specialist so Im so excited about it!! I willbe doing a mockinterview with a guy in the employment center to help me review for questions so I can do the VERY VERY best I can! yeahhhhh

so today I need to finish packing (again for the 2nd time) in preperation for moving..

Oh and my sister Kathy is comming to visit for thanksgiving. i havent seen her since Iwas pregnant with Kyra so its been a while :) honestly I dont have much of a connection or friendship with her... she acts too much like she's my mom... well for good reason she's 45!! LOL and her daughter is a couple years younger than me... im more bummed she's not brining Rachel with her Hahaha

OK well I gotta get moving for the day :)

what are you doing for thanksgiving? write it below in the comments :)

see you tomorrow :)


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