Friday, December 7, 2007



yeahh so I mso freeking excited. we got snow last night :) yeahahhh

Kyra had a sleep over with her best friend Gabby last night... they went to sleep after me (i tried staying up with htem but I ended up going to bed at 11 :P .. and then they woke up Before 6am!! What were those little monkies thinking LOL :P Of coarse they got up got dressed and ran around outside to play in the snow :P then ran inside wet and cold haha Can we say Make me oatmeal to make me warm :)

Tonight we were going to go to the winter light parade (sundown cedar city tradition!!) but I think its canceled cause of the snow :( boo hoo... usually every year we go and its freezing cold we put on 3 layers of clothes scarfes hats blankets (heck even one year I had a hot water bottle LOL) and we snuggle with our hot chocolate and watch the parade. Cedar somehow gets a hold of the light parade from disneyland (how the heck do they work that? I dunno but its AWSOME)

We are also going to see the forgotten carols :) yehahhhhh

im so excited!! I went to go get tickets yesterday.. and it was sold out.. I called The conductor (my bud Bro. MAc) and begged him to find me some .. and he did YEAHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

yet again this a tradition... Ive gone to forgotten carols every year since 2004 :) (the year we moved to utah) and will always go every year :)

last night there was a ward christmas party.. that was fun :)

anyhooo theres my day :)

what are your traditions?


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