Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Secrets and Lies

Secrets and lies

It has come to my attention from an additional source that someone on my page is posing as a poor sad pregant girl and in reality is my daughter's fathers' skank ass wife Emily....

I hope you read this you looser!!

(the rest of you just get to listen and laugh at the patheticness of this woman.. hahahahah)

First off I knew it was you :P let me count the ways:

1 -your pictures on your page: seriously blue is NOT the u of u's color's you moron!! its RED!! your wearing a BLUE gown!! if you wear blue at the U they BEAT YOU UP!! hahahah and HELLO the U doesnt have comendsment speeches in little banquet rooms HAHAH

2 Hello you couldnt tell me where you were going to graduate school... and if you were.... Utah has NO ASSECT approved program here!! hahahha IDIOT!!

3 you moron I was your ONLY FRIEND!!

4 You divulged information about me that I never told you.... you used my weeknesses... stupid move cause THATS what tipped me off....

5 I knew it was you (or sean) by like the first week... because of said retarded comments

What do you REALLY feel you will GAIN from being my friend on myspace? EVERYONE KNOWS I'M AN OPEN BOOK!! I HAVE NO SECRETS and I HIDE NOTHING!!! ... My lawyer will be notified tomorrow and he will get the ISP in which your account was made thus connecting it to your computer... and will make you look like an ASS in court!!

If you've read carefully MY DAUGHTER IS MY LIFE!!!! I love her and wont do things just out of spite!! I do things to PROTECT HER and for her BEST interest!! You know ... youve been reading my blogs!!

If your REALLY smart dont bother even showing up you know as much as I do that your not gonna win shit cause your garbage to Kyra!! You know deep in your heart that what you have done to MY sweet little girl is WRONG!! you cant honestly think that she DESERVES the crap that you put her through last year!!! DONOT continue hurting her... her therapy is doing very well right now... dont disterb her life just to fuck it up again!!!! if you do than you truely are a CRUEL MONSTER!!

speeking of the slut.... you get her knocked up again so you can have more welfare money ? treat your children like cattle and heard them around when you cant even FEED THEM . USE and abuse the church that you dont even care about so that THEY can support them and you get some MYSTERIOUS damn disease that has been proven doctor after doctor that your FINE!!! just so you can wiggle out of child support .... thats a man right there!! (hahaha)

Why did I let you remain my friend on myspace for so long? .. simple I hide NOTHING... may the truth set you FREE!! I lie about nothing and everyone knows my word to be honesty!! you on the other hand have you and.. um ... you .... hahaha and the looser that lives in your basment like a creepy uncle LOL

I have evidence proving your ISP and we will link "her" to your Computer ....

hahaha your an IDIOT!!!


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