Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Im Combining here


Hey guys Im combining these blogs cause the videos dont work anymore, so its pointless to Separate them.. sadly I didnt write about much I jsut relied on the blog.. Im trying to fix that now days :)

Friday, January 18, 2008

you tube misshap.

Ok guys the Log I posted earlier was supposed to be posted on my wicked page and somehow I switched the vlogs for the different myspaces (my wicked got the karma and my personal got he wicked hahah)

so THIS is the vlog on Karma!!



(keep commenting :) )

Karma jobs and GIRLSCOUT COOKIES!!

This is short and sweet but Kyra and I have to run we have a Girlscout Cookie kickoff to get ready for!! the theme is take 5 so we have to dressup like movie stars she's so excited to wear my wig and put makeup on :)

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Saturday, January 12, 2008

crying durring movies

OK so we just got through watching titanic it was so cute cause Kyra came in about the middle and I told her hey your gonna cry... she said "nahh uhhh" heheh Little did she know..

From the point the ship started going under She started.. then the capitan dorwns she bawled harder, then the people were falling off the ship(whenit went vertical) she bawled Even more they went under she SOBBED!! Then she let him go under the water SHE SOBBED LIKE A BABY!! here it is 10 mins afte the movie ended and she STILL SOBBING!! LMAO just saying short phrases like "why!" Thats so sad"

I had to blog it it was PRECIOUS!!


Thursday, January 10, 2008

I forgot to put this up

I forgot to put this up I made it like 3 days ago

and here is the pots and pans banging from new years

Mysister chrissy is the first one you see with the blower on the left then my niece winter next to her my brother in law standing off to the side not doing ANY new years festivities : then my mom on the left and kyra then little robby (and alittle bit of Marie the puppy :P )

I also have another one of them popping poppers but its mostly of my niece winter being a booger so I didnt put it up :P

I should be posting a new one today :)


Tuesday, January 01, 2008

my first VLOG!!! New years

I am so proud this is my first Vlog I was so anxcious to put it up that I didnt even put on make up LOL:P hehe

ANyhoo it talks about newyears eve and Eden leaving wicked and all kinds of fun stuff...

Please enjoy :) (and comment)


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