Thursday, October 5, 2006

OK soooo Wierd!!!

October 05, 2006

OK soooo Wierd!!!

Does anyone but me find it weird I just spent a good hour on the phone with my ex's wife (kyra's step mother) just talking as if she was my best friend??

As if you care but we dicussed Kyra's visitation this weekend (which is where the call started) onto scrapbooking (and if you know me at all. thats BIG) and talking about random relationship crap.. (hello we have had sex with the same man, and both produced children by him what was I thinking on that one :P ) and the rest was just random crap.

Ohhh FYI.. Kyra's visiting her dad again this weekend (thus the phone call) , my friend Josh is taking her up there :) Im kinda glad cause I have st. george and Page AZ parties this weekend.. I love this whole, "im buzy this weekend, take her" thing I can do now :) yeah .. its so convenient having 2 parents around.

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