Wednesday, February 7, 2007


Ok so some crazy stuff has been happening in my life.
Ok #1:
ya'll remember when I tried out for the biggest looser this summer, I got a call back yada yada yada. and didnt hear from them. well in January I got an email saying they loved me and that they want more info and to send in another video and I'd know if I got on by the end of jan. so i did. then on Friday I got a call saying that they had "set backs" and that they will let me know by mid-end march. *sigh* Im SOO excited. however Im sooo nervous at the same time!!

#2 my best friend, and ex fiance, wants to get back with me. I know some people may object (namely candice) but i do love him, and I've grown very close to him.. who knows...

#3 School is kickn ass I have some serious senioritus though. cant wait to be done

#4 I have become a team manager in Passion parties Im SO freeking stoked!! I am gonna get soo many awards at convention in March its not even funny!!

I am a such a busy bee laitly

Mary Ellen

Oh yeah and you can view my entry video on my myspace. I did make one error on there, I got wrapped up in the cancer scenario (with my grandmother, aunt, mother etc) and said my sister had breast cancer.. not true.. it was an ovarian issue, thus ending in a hysterectomy.. :P just some clarification there :P

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