Thursday, August 31, 2006

The breast sagga continues

the breast sagga continues
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OK so everyone remember last years drama with the breast??

(if you dont read about it) theres also a pic of the boob on my myspace :P


so I went to the DR's office today cause I have anothe lump.. I thought I only had one.. my Dr found another one.. so i have 2 new lumps that are most likely gonna have to be disected out of me again...

but first things first..

I have to have a mamogram done tomorrow (really quite soon dont you think?? that scares me)

not like Im not familiar with mamo's.. seing as how Im 25 and ive had 4 done.. and generally you dont get them till your 40ish...

wish me luck.. the saga continues...

Du du dummmm


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Kyra's dad
Current mood: hopeful

Ok so Kyra had a blast visiting her dad.. she more enjoyed being with her sisters and brothers.. she didnt really much care about her dad.. she was more focused on her 1 half brother 2 half sisters, and one boy and girl step siblings.

Her one sister Terra was her favortie sister.. according to Emily (her step mom) the girls were attached at the hip.

I took 4 rolls of film of all of them together.. so Im hoping they turn out well so I can scrap book a nice amount of the pictures.

she's going back up in 3 weeks so I hope it is gonna remain good times ;)


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