Friday, August 4, 2006


OK let me start this week off with a WOW .. OK ..

brace yourselves this is a LONG story however it ends happily :) so bear with it.

OK so Monday I talked to my ex in court (this mind you was the FIRST TIME I had talked to him since June of 2000... 6 freeking years!!! when I was 5 months pregnant and he left me for a married woman..) We share a child.. how ever I have a daughter.. and he is an ass.. and showed it in court.

I somehow finagled his phone number out of him and asked him if our daughter could call him since he has not uttered one living breathing work to her ..

I got home from court and she called him.. this was their conversation (I heard it cause she was on speaker Phone):

Kyra: hi im kyra youre my daddy , my mom's making me mini mouse pan cakes do you like Minnie mouse pancakes"

JERK: NO.. (sounded bored, and annoyed)

Kyra: I love minnie mouse, we went to Disneyland this year for spring break, have you ever ben to Disneyland?

JERK : NO (still annoyed and sounding impatient)

Kyra: I went in the haunted house it was scary and fun and it stopped in the middle when we were on it....

JERK: Oh.. (sigh even MORE BORED )

Kyra: Ok heres my mom (she walked away UPSET!!!!)

AHHH how dare he that jerk that BUTTFACE THAT IDIOT.. HOW CAN HE TREAT MY DAUGHTER that way !!!!

OK so he basically said I still want nothing to do with her and cant we keep it as him not existing to her?

SO that was just freeking fantabulous!! .. then my dad calls and starts DEFENDING SEAN!!!! grr.. it instilled why I hate him .. anyway I digress...

SO the next day (the first) was my b-day.. which my mom is out of town, my sister is moving, and Im a looser and upset ver my ex thing on Monday.. so It wasnt a good b-day.. however my sister did try to make me feel better by baking me a cake and making me dinner :) ( thanks Chrissy) that made me feel better...

the next morning the police were at my apartment, arresting 3 people, taking 3 to juvi, and citing 15 people from the neighbor's house upstairs.. soo ugg.. no sleep that night..

and I got a sty in my eye from all the stress...

Thursday my hostess from Friday did bring me her guest list (first time ever filled totally out.. WITH 67 NAMES AND NUMBERS!!!! ) however.. I got a call from the DA telling me that my perpetrator (there was a rape in Dec) was being sentenced on Monday.. which "brightened my day" NOT .... And I also had to over night a tape for "the biggest looser" to one of the casting agents (I am in the 4th stage of being picked IM SO EXCITED!! Ill KEEP YOU POSTED ON THAT) Ohhhh and I got in a car accident 3 weeks ago.. and I found out today the chic didnt have insurance her husband canceled it on the 10th and the accident was on the 17th... GRR..... and I have LIABILITY ONLY !!!!! AHhhhhhhhhh


so I called everyone on the list on Thursday... and I got 2 booked parties YEAH.... before the party even happened... I saw it was turning brighter ;)

OK so I went through all 67 names and numbers....

then spent the rest of the evening cuddling in the covers with my daughter reading almost 50 books to her .. it was exhausting but oh so good and fun ... bonding with the young'n... ahhh :)


I had booked a play date for my daughter. with some lady I had meet on a yahoo group for playdates.. she was fun and fabulous...and our kids got along great then I told her about how awesome my job was.. she nearly flipped her wig when she found out I was a PP consultant... She was so excited... She apparently had parties every 2nd Tues. in CA with her friends... and loved it and misses it... and I told her about the opportunity to become a hostess and the need here for it.. and she jumped on it.. and she's gonna sign to be a consultant YEAH!!! (my day is LOOKING UP)

I called my hostess she was totally excited about the party... and it went perfect.. filled her little 350 sq ft apartment 15 people full. they were EVERYWHERE..

however at the smoke break we have VERY BORED COPS in cedar city.. and they stopped where 2 of the girls that were smoking... and in Utah the legal smoking age is 19.. and they were 18 ..

yeah that was fun... hahahah

ok so on to the toy demo.. went well..

Party sales were $700 and booked another 3 parties... so a total on 5 .. and Im a happy gal....

Damn this week nearly drove me to drink'n LOL my back hurts my knees hurt, my feet hurt.. heck my boobs hurt...

Dramatic week...

Im going to bed. Its 2 AM ...


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