Friday, April 18, 2008

so many Dr's visits, life update

So many Dr’s visits Life update

OK so I know it has been forever since I bloged .. so sorry ...

lots has happened since my last blog...


first off I didnt get my house There were problems but they will be worked out soon and Ill retry and rebid on the house in a couple months.


Kyra and I are UNLUCKY with our health laitly!!

forst I fall off the horse (like a dumb ass) and re-injer my broken neck from when I was 18.. so I was stuck in a neck brace for passion convention... :(

then Kyra was racing a neighbor boy on his bike (she was running) and DUHH she lost... and biffed it... and got road burned her ear, and a black eye and sprained the thing between the clavical and shoulder :( soooo sad :( I know so she's all gimpy...

Meanwhile the same week I was feeling crppy so I went to my Dr's office and they drew blood and I found out I have a thyroid disease. :( and the medication they gave me is making me sick.... I guess my body needs to expell all the negative things its been collecting so lets just say I'm staying close to a potty :P Ewwww...

anyhoo the upside is Im supposed to loose alot of weight now that theyre getting it under control...


Kyra started Horse ridding lessons and she's loving it . I posted pictures of her lessons and its very cool :) she loves it (she has lessons every friday) and her teacher is really good :)


I had Passion Convention and it was SOOO Fun.. and I learned alot

however sadly I was medicated for my neck so I couldn't go out partying with everyone every night :( boo hoo.. I did end up going out on the last night with some f the girls from the leading ladies team and it was way fun :) we even got invited to go play in the VIP lounge Wooo hooo :) that was fun :P My first time EVER being a VIP :) that made me feel good ;)

anyhooo thats all for right now :)

I will try to get on the webcam again :) and put up a Vlog soon :)

Love you all


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