Friday, April 18, 2008

I forgot the NEW dog

I forgot the NEW dog

I forgot to tell you since marie's passing Kyra was VERY upset every night and would cry herself to sleep so we got her a new baby... We were offered one of Marie's daughter to be bread so we could get a grandbaby... that is the only way we'd ever get another Jack Russell again.. cause its just Marie's breed. SO I was thinking to help Kyra It would be nice to get a Yellow lab but thier just so darn big and we are in a small Apt. SO I tossed the thought around for a bit... then We got a call by a friend of mine at the dog shelter and she told me she thinks she has the PERFECT dog for me... and she was ...

Her name is Galinda (yes after wicked. we ARE obsessed)

She's half Yellow Lab and half Boarder Collie. She looks like a "mini lab" she has the bone structure, color and head shape like a Yellow Lab... and has alittle longer hair like a Boarder Collie and nose freckles like a Collie... she's super cute... so we got a lab like we wanted.. but not huge so it wont cost $1000to feed :P

She learned commands very fast and took to me and Kyra well... She was scared of doorways and wouldnt get in the car at first but she's good about it now. she even comes to my whisle comands :)

the only downside is that she has a nervous condition of submissive urinating which I cant seem to fix.. and she CANT be left alone... She has serious separation anxiety!! she ripps the house APART if she is alone.. :(

Any suggestions on fixing it??

Mary Ellen

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