Sunday, December 18, 2005

Hot guys piss me off ...

December 18, 2005

Hot guys piss me off ...
Current mood: annoyed

OK question, I have been with a really hot guy, and he tends to ditch me for his oh so high society, frat boy loven, stoner friends. It pisses me off that I'm his hidden little secret. I understand the whole don't kiss and tell thing, but this has a whole new level to it ... which sucks..

AND yesterday i asked him about my issue and he simply replied "to be honest I'm a jerk" well duh Einstien I knew that one... but then again....**edit* ... {thinks back} .. uhh was I writting a blog... OH yeah LOL ..

anyway.. his reasoning for this was because he "grew up where looks were everything" and becasue Im not the perfect barbie doll Im screwed..

I told him to jump out of the mold with it, and to try something new... damnit he wouldnt... whatever.. he's ahottie anyway..

I wish I could find a good hottie , that would accept me for me .. and be able to introduce me to his friends, and hang out like real relationships do.

Granted I DO want to ge married and live the good LDS girl life ..

So my perfect man would be Handsome (though it doesnt really matter to me and _I_ mean it) LDS, ok with my size, has a career, (or is working on it in school) DOES HE EXIST????

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