Sunday, November 13, 2005

Kyra's Birthday Party

This is my first Blog, Im kinda excited about it :) HEHE :)

OK well I better write about the subject head LOL :)

OK well Kyra's B-day party was yesterday, she had a blast. It was a "tinkerbell" party... she was tinkerbell for halloween, so she wanted a tinkerbell birthday party.. and as always, she had a dress up party so everyone could wear thier costume a few more times.

She had alot of friends come to her party. and OH my it was a LONG party.. something like 15 kids showed up and OH my they were the most crazy 4-6 year olds!!! HEHE

OH yeah, my 2 friends Josh and Stacey helped me with controlling the little boogers LOL :)

Talk to ya'll later :)


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