Sunday, October 12, 2008

First SNOW of the season :)

Howdy ya'll Ü

Kyra and I have been anticipating our favorite day of the year all week :) it its HERE.. Kyra and I LOVE the first snowfall of the season!! we got an amazing 4 inches which is the most perfect depth.. its enough to play in and do snowmen but not enough to get in the way of traffic and such!!
So Kyra and I woke up with the pretty white snow pure as ever!! we went to church and Kyra was a little anxious ants in her pants little one today during Sacrament.. she wanted to get out and play RIGHT NOW.. so once we got home she was allowed to go play :) she kept making these mini snow man the size of your hand it was too cute :)

I cant find my camera ( SO SAD :( :( ) so i had to put it on the V-log...
Also posted on the blog is the Dress Ive been working hard on for Kyra for Halloween :)
She's Gonna be glinda and the Vlog has a step by step of the PAIN in the butt it is.. but well worth the reward :)

What are you gonna be fore Halloween?? Tell me :)
I need better Ideas

Kisses and huggs

Mary Ellen

(remember if the video is not ready give it a couple minutes, I uploaded a higher quality video to show deeper details of the dress :) so it might take longer for it to process :) )

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orangemily said...

Kyra's dress looks beautiful so far! It looks like a ton of work, you are dedicated girl!
Moira is jealous. She's going to be a Princess for Halloween, but her dress is not that fancy.
Sorry I didn't get back to you this weekend, we were so busy plus I was sick! We just had the family come to the blessing and my house was still packed!