Friday, July 4, 2008

4th of July WOOoo HOoooo

Ok guys sorry the blog doesn't consist of me talking.. but good news I found my digi-cam so I have had it ready and handy this week :) so lots of pictures to share with you,
We did alot this week,
Gabby's birthday party...
More packing...
4th of July we went to the Cedar parade, then lunch then a movie with Kyra's wonderful aid Mrs. B whom we will miss so much she's been the best!! seriously I worry if Kyra will get as compassionate of an aid in the future!! seriously that's how amazing she was!... then off to Enoch 4th of july festivities, it was great they had a mud volleyball tournament, and it was a ton of fun :) then of course fireworks..
and to top it off with EVEN more packing... I think were just about done.. I'm gonna move everything into the living room to make sure everything is gone out of the rooms.. things can hide easily :P

anyhoo so that is whats going on for now..
Ill try to message soon ..

I hope you enjoy the video..
Kisses and huggs :)


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