Thursday, June 5, 2008

Kyra's dad and his wife

Ok many of you know about the situation between me and Kyra's dad. if you do skip to 3:30 to hear the letter I have sent to him... If you dont know the story then go ahead and listen...



Jun 4, 2008 9:14 AM


cute picture


Cute family picture there Sean :),
makes me think of what could have been with you and Kyra.

I want to talk to you .. just you... no lawyers, no claws drawn out aka your wife.. just you...
speaking of her...your wife needs to stop stalking me online its really starting to make me mad. I don't know what her point is but seriously its gotta end.

I am sorry that you may be hurt that I am terminating your rights and I can understand that, but could you also understand my position too? I have bee a wonderful mother for YEARS to Kyra, and you make false accusations about me and my daughter and it did not make us break but it made our relationship stronger, and showed that you can be a unscrupulous person, and would stop at nothing to hurt me... at the expense of Kyra. I love Kyra way too much to let that happen to her.
I really wanted you relationship with Kyra to work, heck I pushed most of your encounters to happen, and did everything in my power to allow your relationship to happen without me interfering, but your wife is a very cruel woman, and turned my weaknesses into my pain. I do not know why she loathes me the way she does. and hurt me the way that she did.. I honestly thought she had become my friend.. only to learn she was setting me up to trap me in painful lies.

By cutting off rights you will no longer have to pay child support which I assumed would make you happy. but in fact your fighting that, I don't know why.. you ignored Kyra for 6 years.. why choose to want her NOW? When your rights are taken I would allow you to visit Kyra but ony to come down to cedar to see her and only with me there.I am so sad that it has to come to that, but to protect my daughter it must be that way.

She is happy and her therapies are doing well. You can see our video blog on my myspace page or on my you-tube channel. you will see she is very happy and that i really am a great mom!!
Sean I have nothing to hide, I am an honest trustworthy person that gives her all into everyone I meet and everything I have to everyone!! it is a shame you cannot see that.
Perhaps you may soften your heart as in Leviticus 19:18 "thou shalt not avenge, nor bear any grudge"
I do not feel I have done any wrong doing to you, i have done all that I could to help you have a relationship with Kyra. I do forgive you for your cruel games you have played on me however.
With this letter I am letting all of my anger and pain in regards to you fall away. It is not the Christ like thing for me to do, to keep a hard grudge-filled heart.

I hope you can understand my position and why I am going through the legalities I am. I hope in time you may forgive and forget the feelings you have towards me.

Mary Ellen

PS Kyra still has her email if you wish to email her she is a great reader now and does not need my help with anything so you can be sure I wont pry into your business. it would just be nice for her to have some contact with you.

Ok so now that you've read the letter I felt it necessary to put it on my vlog because it shows the emotion and sorrow I feel in the letter.

I will keep you posted on the whole subject...

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