Thursday, March 2, 2006

Guys.. OYyyyyy....

OK so seriously, guys are annoying me right now. I have like 3 guys that I'm very into... and I have a feeling they MIGHT be into me, not sure if thier just being nice or are really into me... however.. one problem... I DONT TELL THEM... Im afraid if screwing up our friendship.. uggg *sigh* ... however I have all 3 of them on my my space.. can you identify them ??


heres a hint.... 1/2 the men on my myspace are gay...


Im such a spazzz

Anyway back to the boys, I really want one of them, but he has NO CLUE AT ALL.. and I cant figure out how to make that transition, cause he does have some sort of "power" over me. Which could make it wierd... if he doesnt like me.

am I being dumb and just acting like a teanager drama queen or am I just being oh so passive agressive?


PS.. I found out today one of these guys no longer has a GF.. should I make the pounce ? or give him some recovery time ???

PSS if you think your one of the guys let me know if YOU are interested :) LOL :P

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